Tiny Utopia’s latest feature window celebrates the wonderful tiny worlds ‘Under The Trees’

Starring stunning tillandsia, bold bromeliads, amazing aeschy primera, giant alocasia and glossy monstera, this is a plant fans feast for the eyes!

We’ve added some fun funghi, mosses, wire sculpture fairies and contemporary bird boxes amongst swathes of Spanish moss and lush rhipsalis to create a magical ‘planty’ vibe.

The wonderful wooden funghi, stunning bird boxes and vases featured in the window are the work of the extremely talented Rod ~Shekinah Grow. The wood is responsibly sourced from Grow’s sustainable woodland projects at Occombe. Each piece has been hand carved, turned and waxed. Ash, Oak, Holly and Hazel feature in the pieces and some show clear spalting markings giving a really unique finish.

They really are a beautiful gift and would add a touch of natural class to any shelf.

The beautiful wire sculpture fairies are also individually handcrafted, using recycled wire, and spin beautifully catching light. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our plant choices in the display are relatively easy care, requiring moderate light, moderate humidity and a regular water. Tillandsia (ie air plants / spanish moss) love a
spray or rain water bathe from time to time to maintain good health.

Our handmade ceramic fungi are great fun as pot toppers, bringing a dash of colour, a smile and style to your indoor or outdoor plants / pots.

Bromeliads like to catch their water in the tube around their flower spike rather than via the soil, as do the primera. Big green leafy beauties like alocasia gigantea and Monstera Deliciosa love a regular drink, a mist and dust wiping from their large leaf surfaces with clean tap or rain water to keep them looking lush.

Join us in celebrating our trees and all the tiny worlds under them at:

Tiny Utopia
16 Old Mill Rd,

To find your perfect houseplant, pot or bespoke home decor piece…we look forward to seeing you.

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Tiny Utopia
Tiny Utopia

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